REVIV Your Wellness with an IV Drip at °CRYO!

Any medical professional will tell you, there’s no faster way to get nutrients into your body than through IV Drips. So why not use this method to improve and enhance the quality of your life before it needs to be fixed?
So why are IV Drips becoming so popular with the health and wellness world of today?

With the rise of global diseases, people around the world are stepping up their immune systems. They have quickly realized the necessity of not only getting fixed, but avoiding illness in the first place. With IV Drips, your immune system gets a jumpstart of nutrients without losing any of them as they break down in your body.

°CRYO IV Drip powered by REVIV has been specially formulated to provide your body with the vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants that you need. The customized formulated liquids that are then injected into a vein over the next one hour.


Benefits of °CRYO IV Drip:
– 100% Absorption
– High Bioavailability
– Replenishes Nutrients in the Body
– Strengthen the Immune system
– Support optimal skin, nail & hair health
– Reduce brain fog
– Enhance energy levels


Duration: 40 minutes – 1.5 hours (Includes a FREE Practitioner Consultation)


How does an IV drip work?
An IV drip delivers all essential nutrients and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract. There’s no wait time, and the nutrients are instantly available to remedy your body’s health and wellness needs.

When your body is fighting an infection, the immune system pulls nutrients from other parts of your body. These nutrients were necessary for other jobs, and those processes are now going to suffer unless you have enough stockpiled to keep them running efficiently.
With an IV Drip, you get the nutrients directly into your bloodstream, where they dissipate into your body as they are needed. If you aren’t sick, they keep you healthy and energized. These fluids, vitamins, and minerals clear out the toxins in your body, keep your organs doing their job at peak efficiency, and in general, help your body to do the tasks needed for everyday living. When you’re sick, though, your body is focused on fighting those foreign organisms. IV Drips with an illness give your system the necessary hydrating fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional needs it requires to not only fight the illness but continue to help all of its other processes run.


How often should I get an IV Drip?
We recommend our clients receive IV therapy 1-2 times a month. We take a customized approach to suit your individual needs. For preventative health and wellness, we recommend two IV drips per month, as this helps balance out any vitamin deficiencies.

What IV Drips do you offer?

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Preventative IV Drips can help you in keeping your body in optimal shape. They can also do a great job of boosting your immune system and fighting off illnesses before you know they are there.

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