Compression Therapy

Stimulate your body’s natural muscle pump with a 30 minute compression massage. This fitness favorite eliminates toxins and metabolites that can prolong muscle soreness and delay recovery. The heaviness caused by intense workouts is relieved through a compression and decompression technique that combines both intense muscle recovery and healing.

Treatment Available: UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong 

Duration: 30 Minutes

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Flush Toxins
Release Lactic Acid Build Up
Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage
Accelerate Muscle Recovery

First Time: What You Can Expect



  • 30 minutes of compression massage therapy



3x – 5x per week

Focus Areas:



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Compression Therapy FAQ

What is a Compression Therapy Session Like?

Compression Therapy is a relaxing experience that may feel quite similar to a massage. After completing our consultation, our expert staff will have you lay down on one of our comfortable treatment beds and put our RecovaPro Compression boots on your legs. Our Compression boots are comfortable, flexible devices that cover your foot all the way up to over your knee. 


During your session, you lay back and relax while the boots gradually fill with pressurized air and then empty out. The result is a light, controlled pressure on your extremities. You can also choose to place the Compression sleeves on your arms. With our Compression session, you’re in control! You can choose the level of pressure you prefer, and the time you’d like to spend enjoying Compression.

Is compression Therapy painful?

The therapy itself feels like a massage and is virtually painless, but the intensity can ben increased or decreased depending on the preference of the guest.

How does Compression Therapy work?

Our systems use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery. The compression technology uses hold pressures to keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction.

Compression Therapy can help you to loosen venous pressure, and may aid the body in moving blood toward the heart. This treatment is particularly helpful to massage and loosen stiff muscles and joints after a long run or tough workout. This is because Compression Therapy  may help lactic acids and other build-up in bodily tissues release and be carried through the body. This service can help to process these wastes, thereby speeding up the time it takes your muscles to recover.

How often should you do Compression Therapy?

A few times a week is generally recommended for good results, but this differs based on the reason you need compression therapy. Book a free consultation and our experts can get you a personalized recommendation.

Client Testimonials

It's really wonderful. °CRYO has completely surpassed our expectations.