EMS Body Sculpting

The Infinity Sculpt Ultra is a revolutionary fat–reducing and muscle–sculpting device that uses a combination of Radiofrequency Focused Electromagnetic to safely and effectively reduce fat and tone muscles. The RF energy heats up the dermis layer to target fat cells and stimulate collagen production, while the FEM creates powerful muscle contractions to strengthen and tone the entire body.

Available in: Australia

Duration: 30, 45 Minutes

Benefits of EMS Body Sculpting

Non‐invasive body contouring
Quick and painless fat reduction treatment
Target muscles to become toned, sculpted, and strengthened
Intense contractions lead to better fat burning

First Time: What you can expect



  • 30 or 45 Minutes



Once in 10 Days

Focus Areas:


Whole Body

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EMS Body Sculpting FAQ

Do I have to do anything to prepare for my session?

Yes, you should start drinking 2 liters of water the day before your session. Being well hydrated is essential in flushing out the broken down fat from your system since it is removed through sweat and urine.  Also, No caffeine and no alcohol as they may inhibit your results. 

Is a consultation required for treatment?

Yes, everyone must receive a consultation to determine if they are an eligible candidate.

What are some advantages of doing this treatment?

EMS Body Sculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring system with no recovery time. Patients lay back and relax while the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy stimulates supramaximal muscle contractions that aren’t able to be achieved by regular exercise. These intense contractions lead to fat burning for a slender waist, or toned and lifted buttocks.

Does EMS Body Sculpting hurt?

EMS Body Sculpting doesn’t require any kind of anesthesia or pain medication. Patients report an unusual sensation during the procedure, and mild muscle soreness afterward.

Client Testimonials

Amazing range of treatments and great staff. Will definitely come back.


Amazing experience, excellent service.Will Definitely visit soon.


Super friendly stuff, feels like home every time I was there. They know what I like and my routine. Service is above and beyond. Highly recommended to everyone who wants a mood booster along with many health benefits that comes with it.