Meditation Pod

The Somadome incorporates energy healing via LED color and light Therapy, binaural beat meditation and magnetic therapy.

Treatment Available: Thailand

Duration: 20, 30 Minutes

Benefits of Meditation Pod

Improves Physical Performance
Improves Mental Well-Being
Relaxed Feeling

First Time: What You Can Expect



  • 20, 30 Minutes



2x to 7x a week

Focus Are:


Whole Body

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Meditation Pod FAQ

How does the Meditation Pod work?

You will be guided through a meditation of your choosing: tracks target a specific goal such as manifest, focus, love or overcoming various obstacles. The experience immerses you in a synergistic cocoon of healing that uses LED color and light therapy, binaural beat meditation, and energy healing magnets for optimal restoration. The space also shields from EMF / electronic device emissions, allowing your body’s natural alignment to be restored – so please put your phone in airplane mode!

Which track should I choose?

Each track focuses on a specific need: get focused in the morning, revitalize midday, relax in the evening. Choose what resonates with the current moment, as our needs always change. The ‘talking head’ icon denotes verbal guidance – those new to meditation may prefer this, while others may prefer an unguided track with just ambient music. All tracks include binaural beats.

What will it do for me?

Research has shown that 2-3 sessions / week over the course of four weeks dramatically reduces anxiety and depression in 87% of people studied – across diverse demographics. Additionally, 69% of professional athletes studied reported better performance and recovery, and students and professionals better focus and creativity. Virtually all users regardless of frequency report reduction in stress and a sense of calm after one session.

Client Testimonials

Somadome is an experience like no other. It instantly transports you to a place inside your mind where you can let go of old constructs, relax and begin to truly create.

Adobe employee