Why Cryotherapy is Nature’s Answer to the Fountain of Youth

Since the dawn of time people have been using cold elements to naturally recreate anti-aging results on their faces. While the fountain of youth has yet to be discovered, science has discovered the next best thing in Cryotherapy. Cryo has combined the idea of using cold temperature for skincare benefits with cutting edge European technology.

It’s a well-known fact that applying cold elements such as ice or freezing water is extremely beneficial for the skin in both the short and long term. In the short term they shrink the appearance of pores resulting in clear, healthy skin. When pores on the surface of the skin are shrunk, it eliminates room for dead skin, oil, and bacteria to build up. This in turn minimizes acne, and gives the appearance of a flawless, glowing complexion. Cryotherapy delivers all of these benefits to the skin magnified many times over. Cryotherapy uses oxygen-enriched air cryogenically cooled down to reach temperatures below 180 degrees Celsius. Because cryogenically cooled air is able to reach temperatures well below those of cold water or ice very quickly there is zero discomfort caused to the skin and can in fact be very comfortable and relaxing. While getting Cryotherapy leaves one with smaller pores and glowing skin caused by the increase in blood circulation, it is the long-term anti-aging benefits that has everyone talking. Cryotherapy is being referred to as the natural, non-invasive answer to Botox. Integrating Cryotherapy treatments into one’s regular skincare routine is a proven way to offset the signs and effects of aging. Minimized wrinkles, a youthful glowing complexion and smoother skin are just some of the long-term benefits that can be achieved by regular Cyrotherapy treatments.

When it comes to aging, a breakdown of collagen production is one of the main factors that cause skin to lose elasticity which leads to the appearance of saggy, wrinkled skin. Cryotherapy’s cryogenically cooled air causes a disruption in the production of collagen. This tricks the body into producing more collagen that results in tighter, firmer skin. Rather than resorting to artificial and invasive methods such as Botox or plastic surgery to achieve a youthful appearance, Cryotherapy delivers all of the same benefits but in an natural way.

While it is a common conception that Cryotherapy is only delivered in the form of a whole body treatment, this assumption is completely false. Here at Cryo we offer a number of treatments that target the face specifically to ensure that the client is reaping the maximum short and long-term skincare benefits that Cryo has to offer. Unlike whole body Cryotherapy treatments that last for a maximum duration of 3 minutes, localized treatments such as those used on the face can last for up to 10 minutes. The treatments are relaxing and incredibly convenient. Unlike other facials, which require make up to be removed and leave the skin red and sensitive afterwards, Cryo facial benefits can be seen immediately after the treatment because they are non-invasive. Integrating a 10-minute Cryo facial into one’s regular skincare routine is one of the most beneficial things that can be done to fight off the signs of aging. Make sure you’re not missing out on science’s answer to the fountain of youth.


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