What are the Cryotherapy Skin Benefits?

Whenever we see household names like Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and other A-listers looking younger with time, we often wonder what their secrets are. Many assume they are secret creams and beauty regimes, but the truth is they all use cryotherapy treatment. So, here are some of the biggest cryotherapy skin benefits.


As subzero temperatures are applied to the skin’s surface, cryotherapy effectively jumpstarts your body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process. Consequently, this can result in many benefits to your skin, which include:

Pore Cleansing and Reduction in Size

The rejuvenation process isn’t just to make your skin look younger. While that might be your aim, cryotherapy treatments also assist in healthier and more beautiful looking skin. So, the combination of pore cleansing, wrinkle reduction and tackling other impurities all help in the general beautification of your skin.

Collagen is what often affects the size of your pores. Although it’s been claimed that the heat dilates pores to allow easier cleaning of any blackheads, it’s more beneficial to prevent them in the first place by reversing that logic.

 Cryotherapy treatment causes your collagen to regenerate – which is what also helps most of the other skin benefits at the same time. This leads to your skin tightening up around the loose pores and is usually a long-lasting effect while the increased blood flow that comes via cryotherapy treatment can also reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Wrinkle Reduction

As we age, our energy levels drop which means our body finds it much more difficult to filter out the toxins while our collagen production also dips. This leaves our skin duller, saggier and more wrinkled. With cryotherapy treatments, it can smooth out the lines from furrowing your brow or wrinkles from repetitive facial movements.

Again, this is done by triggering collagen production under your skin.

Collagen is what provides your skin with its normal fullness and elasticity. So as you age, collagen production naturally decreases which leads to more wrinkles. This is where cryotherapy comes in as a huge benefit. By exposing your skin to sudden cold temperatures, collagen production is regenerated which can offset the wrinkling effect of aging on your skin.

By reducing wrinkles, not only are you going to look younger but by looking younger, your skin is also going to look a lot healthier and more beautiful.

More Subtle Anti-Aging and Beauty Benefits

In reality, both of the above benefits can fall into the anti-aging category because of the youthful look the end results of regular cryotherapy treatments can provide. However, there are more benefits which can still fall into this category which are equally as important and impressive to those seeking younger, more radiant skin. These include:

  • Reducing fine lines – Cryotherapy smooths your complexion and reduces your fine lines and dark circles. An aging body carries these features more visibly but one renewed through cryotherapy is better placed to minimise the visual effects. You’re going to look younger, but your skin will also look a lot more beautiful by removing the dark circles and fine lines with regular treatments. Remember, just one cryotherapy treatment won’t fix skin issues immediately.
  • Oxygenating your skin – Cryotherapy also boosts your flow of oxygenated blood and like any other part of the human body, your skin reaps the rewards by looking healthier.
  • Beating blackheads – Cryotherapy fights blackheads and soothes your skin, which helps to maintain a much cleaner and healthier complexion while improving the overall condition of your skin.
  • Targeting sun spots – Cryotherapy tackles any impurities in your skin and any sun damage can be visibly reduced. By tackling these impurities and damages caused by the sun, it improves the overall health and complexion for more beautiful results.

And what is most commonly cited as a major skin boost from cryotherapy is tighter, firmer skin.

Tighter and Firmer Skin

The secret to staying young and feeling good is putting your body in a better state of being. And one of the best ways to feel and look healthier is to “firm up” and “tone up” your body – the same applies to your skin. The fact is, when your skin is firmer and you look younger, you’re going to feel more beautiful both inside and out.

To some, having tighter and firmer skin is considered as the foundation of healthy skin and cryotherapy achieves it. That’s why many consider cryotherapy as a form of a modern-day miracle for restoring what’s essential to their body.

This is because cryotherapy is the perfect non-invasive skin treatment to achieve tighter and firmer skin, compared to a chemical solution such as Botox which comes with plenty of side effects.

Instead, cryotherapy increases cell rejuvenation and – again – boosts collagen levels which firms and tightens your skin to keep it looking more beautiful. Again, for the best results and to reap the many skin benefits, cryotherapy needs to be a regular part of your beauty regime.

With temperature playing a vital role in maintaining the normal function of a healthy physical system, studies have shown that high temperatures can affect metabolic rates and increase the rate of biochemical reactions which are responsible for the aging process. And as the skin ages, it loses its firmness.

This is why cryotherapy – which induces a sharp and sudden decrease in body temperature – has been proven to have the potential to not only slow down the aging process altogether, but also improve life expectancy.

Based on these skin benefits, it’s no surprise why more and more people are turning to cryotherapy. This treatment can aid your skin in more ways than one, even if you have multiple skin symptoms you’re looking to overcome. Whether it’s wanting to maintain younger looking skin, keep your skin looking and feeling healthier or even eliminating blackheads and dark circles, cryotherapy can be be made a part of your daily or weekly routines so that you get the best results which last.


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