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Cellulite is a collection of subdermal fat stores that gives skin that signature ‘orange peel’ texture. Although it’s completely normal (even supermodels get it!) and is in no way harmful to your health, many women wish they didn’t have it. There are several ways you can reduce its appearance and not all of them are expensive surgical solutions. Here’s how to get rid of cellulite naturally.

What is Whole Body CRYOtherapy exactly? While most in the fashion industry are obsessed with the latest trends, there is a new health treatment now available in the United States (and abroad for that matter) that is gaining the attention of today’s fashion industry. The simple answer is that Whole Body CRYOtherapy is a 3 minute session where your body is exposed to vaporised liquid nitrogen that will run all over the surface of your skin. The body will initiate a physiological response that you are freezing and begin to draw blood into your core, causing the blood to draw from your extremities, which causes your body to pump additional oxygen and nutrients into your blood. At the end of the session, the body will circulate freshly oxygenated blood throughout the rest of your body.

Losing weight can prove to be a long and frustrating road. But, what if we were to tell you that it doesn’t have to be? When you implement cryotherapy treatments into your healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise regime you’ll start to see quick results and strong progress towards your personal goals. We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about how to lose weight quickly with cryotherapy.

Trying to lose weight but getting fed up? You’ve stuck to your healthy eating and exercise plans religiously but you’re not seeing your results quick enough. Despite all your efforts you’re stumped at the thought of how to lose weight naturally. Well, cryotherapy could be the last piece in the puzzle. This post will outline everything you need to know about how cryotherapy can help you lose weight quickly and completely naturally.