REVIV Global Director and CEO REVIV UAE Sela Al Asadi Announces Partnership with °CRYO UAE

°CRYO UAE and REVIV UAE have partnered to bring a holistic approach to wellness across all four of their luxurious locations – the Emirates Towers, Hills Mall both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Country Club and Mamsha Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi.

°CRYO was established in 2013 and is a global leader in the application of cryotherapy to elevate performance, support recovery and improve wellness. °CRYO have centers in the Middle EastSouth-East Asia and Australia and with their unparalleled integration with technology pioneer °CRYO Science, they are the only provider with a fully immersive cryotherapy chamber experience that can safely reach temperatures required to achieve true results.

Edgars Grigorjevs, °CRYO UAE Retail Director, says: “We are excited to launch °CRYO partnership with REVIV enabling our clients in the United Arab Emirates to enjoy a new and improved nutrients therapy supporting health and wellbeing of the next level. Our new IV drips helps not only to feel energized, invigorated and refreshed, but also really gives that extra kick of very much needed minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and important nutrients which your body needs to feel revived. And the best part is that you can even save time, as IV drips can be done while enjoying any °CRYO treatments for your wellness, fitness, recovery, beauty or slimming.


Sela Al Asadi, Board Director and CEO of REVIV UAE, says: “With over 11 combined years of experience in the wellness industry, we are excited about REVIV’s collaboration with °CRYO. The pairing of these modalities are aimed to boost our patient’s wellness benefits and allows them to push their goals one step further. The combination of signature IV therapy along with cryotherapy treatments aim to promote healing and recovery. The collaboration and synergy of REVIV and °CRYO is an ideal service offering for people seeking to optimize their wellness and to aid the full potential of their bodies.


Learn more about the °CRYO IV Drips powered by REVIV:

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