Localized or Whole Body? Which cryotherapy treatment should I choose?

Those who are familiar with the healthy influence of cryotherapy do not need convincing, but for those who are still on the fence – here are the pros and cons of two of the most popular treatments offered with ºCRYO SCIENCE equipment –  ºCRYO Arctic, for whole body cryotherapy, and °CRYO Penguin, for localized therapy. Let’s start with °CRYO ArcticIt is a walk-in chamber dedicated to whole-body cryo therapy (WBC). ºCRYO SCIENCE is the only producer of this type of cryotherapy whose machine is patented to operate in a nitrogen-free environment, which means it is very safe for the patient as he has no direct contract with nitrogen. There are predefined treatment options depending on how experienced user you are, starting from ºCRYO BEGINNER ( 2:00 min and – 110 °C ) to ºCRYO PRO (3:00 min and – 140 °C ) – the longest treatment can last up to 3 minutes. This method of treatment is recommended for those whose goal is to eradicate inflammations, regenerate after injuries and sports activities, elevate sleep problems and tiredness, and accelerate blood flow and metabolism. The idea is that WBC helps muscles to recover quickly, enhance training quality and return to fitness; it purifies the blood, increases the body’s nutrient flow, and removes toxins from the system. After a cryotherapy session, your joints loosen up and you experience an increase in range of motion. Like with any other medical device, there are also contraindications when not to use it. This machine is not for those who have claustrophobia or have been diagnosed with e.g. chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a cute febrile respiratory illness, acute kidney and urinary system diseases, skin damage, cold intolerance, or active cancer. In case of have any other active disease or if you would like to try whole-body cryotherapy for the first time, it is obligatory to consult with one of our ºCRYO specialists first.

°CRYO Penguinis a device used for localized cryotherapy which is based on the use of a pressurized stream of cold air (up to-160⁰C). A localized cryotherapy session lasts only 10 minutes. This method is issued to target areas that are in pain or inflamed. Thanks to this, the blood vessels constrict, immediately decreasing inflammation and swelling in the affected area by rapidly flushing the tissue of fluid and waste. As the body begins to warm, the area is flooded with regenerative blood flow. This allows for a greater range of motion in the targeted area. Moreover, localized cryotherapy can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars, acne, and bruises, treatment of sprains and has been used for cellulite reduction as well. Even after just one treatment many of our patients observe smaller pores and wrinkle reduction. Again, as a medical device, there are contraindications to use, e.g. cold intolerance, skin lesions, active cancer, or segmental blood circulation disorders

If you are looking for the best treatment, consider what the aim of your therapy is. Book a FREE CONSULTATION at ºCRYO and start your journey to recovery today!

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