Jamie Vardy Breaks Football Records by Using CRYOtherapy

Once in a generation an athlete comes along who resets the definition of success and sets the bar higher for everyone who follows behind him. In the past few weeks, Jamie Vardy has emerged as one of these athletes after scoring 10 goals in 10 games as a striker for Leicester City. Prior to Vardy’s incredible performance, Leicester City was team not exactly known for its performance. In fact, it was swept under the rug by most as a team that was considered nothing out of the ordinary. This all changed with Vardy’s incredible goal streak. When interviewed to see what the strategies behind his record breaking performance was, Vardy responded with two things – studying his opponent’s weaknesses and CRYOtherapy.

After their performance last season, the managers of Leicester City brought in a CRYOtherapy chamber in hopes that it would help their team. Hearing that the chamber increased performance and the difference the CRYOtherapy made is evident in Vardy’s record setting performance. Not only did it increase his performance, it helped him recover from a groin injury that would have otherwise kept him off the field. When interviewed about how he reached levels of peak performance Vardy said “Obviously, the cryo chamber that we’ve got at the training ground’s come in use. It’s absolutely freezing, but it helps you in your recovery so fair play to the club for getting that in.”

Vardy went from a player who almost had to call out of the season because of injuries to the most coveted and celebrated player in the league in no time showing what a difference CRYOtherapy can make for those who use it regularly.


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