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Yes, we are open! We have taken strict steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 for guests and employees in all our centers. Here are the detailed safety precautions we have implemented.


°CRYO Points enable you to get the optimal value for each and every service. Each point represents AED 340 in value, and all our services are priced in points. By buying °CRYO Packages of °CRYO Points, however, you’ll actually pay less than AED 340 per point. The more points you buy, the more value you get, and the more money you save. Check out the price list below.


˚CRYO Deluxe treatments relax and rejuvenate the mind and body by offering a memorable experience that you will crave long after it is over. Every ˚CRYO Deluxe treatment includes benefit boosting enhancements that focus on removing everyday stress while increasing energy levels to ensure you leave our center feeling reinvigorated.

Points Price Treatment Time
°CRYO Body 2 POINTS AED 370 20 Minutes
Localized °CRYO 2 POINTS AED 370 20 Minutes
°CRYO Facial 2 POINTS AED 370 20 Minutes
°CRYO Press 2 POINTS AED 370 40 Minutes
°CRYOTHOR Body 2 POINTS AED 370 30 Minutes
°CRYO Stretching 2 POINTS AED 370 40 Minutes
°CRYO Back Recovery 2 POINTS AED 370 40 Minutes
°CRYO LPG Body 2 POINTS AED 370 40 Minutes
°CRYO Freezio 3 POINTS AED 555 60 Minutes
°CRYO HydraFacial 3 POINTS AED 555 60 Minutes
°CRYO Slim Facial 3 POINTS AED 555 45 Minutes
°CRYO Muscle Toning 4 POINTS AED 740 40 Minutes
°CRYO Signature Tri Facial 6 POINTS AED 1110 75 Minutes x 3
°CRYO Slim Body 6 POINTS AED 1110 60 Minutes
°CRYO Slim Cellulite 8 POINTS AED 1480 120 Minutes


Enrich your experience with one of our °CRYO Packages designed to give you the most out of your visits. Each package includes a consultation and customized program designed by our specialized therapists with your unique objectives and long-term goals in mind.

  • Packages are flexible and points are applicable for °CRYO Express and °CRYO Deluxe
  • The more points you buy, the more money you save with discounts from 5% to 30%
  • All packages include special offers from our corporate partners such as discounts and special privileges
Discounted Price Value Validity
10 POINTS AED 1,699 AED 1,850 2 Months
25 POINTS AED 3,999 AED 4,625 4 Months
50 POINTS AED 6,999 AED 9,250 6 Months
100 POINTS AED 12,999 AED 18,500 12 Months


We understand your time is valuable, which is why we offer a range of ˚CRYO Express treatments. These affordable sessions leave you feeling refreshed in under thirty minutes from arrival to departure of the center. This level of service is perfect for our guests on the go who want to visit regularly without interfering with their busy schedules.

Points Price Treatment Time
°CRYO Body 1 POINT AED 185 3 Minutes
Localized °CRYO 1 POINT AED 185 10 Minutes
°CRYO Facial 1 POINT AED 185 10 Minutes
°CRYO Press 1 POINT AED 185 30 Minutes
°CRYO Stretching 1 POINT AED 185 20 Minutes
°CRYOTHOR Body 1 POINT AED 185 15 Minutes

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy, is the delivery of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) directly into the bloodstream via intravenous that allows for 100% absorption.

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy PRICE
VIP Elixir AED 1890
Slim & Fit AED 998
Build & Recover AED 840
Radiance AED 630
Immune Booster AED 536
Myers Cocktail AED 473

* Doesnt include the cost of a mandatory consultation for first time visitors

All prices including 5% VAT


  • All new clients must have a consultation with The Elixir Clinic’s registered practitioner.
  • The Elixir Clinic’s corporate discounts are not applicable at CRYO locations.
  • All treatments and packages purchased are final and cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • The Elixir Clinic packages are valid for six months from date of purchase
  • Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.


Friends that Chill Together, Stay Fit Together

Whether it’s competitive camaraderie or a calorie burning catch up, experiencing °CRYO together gives you a shared high that creates a reason to come back for more. Your friends keep you accountable for your freeze every time, meaning you’ll go further in the gym, and in life.

Refer a friend and get 1 free °CRYO Point and AED 100 off your friend’s deluxe treatment!

For more information speak to any °CRYO center reception for more details.