Elemis Biotec Facial (Line Eraser)

Elemis Biotec is revolutionary, non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatment using the latest innovation of the BIOTEC machine, works to switch the skin’s natural cellular energy. This facial fuses together actives, touch, and technology for visible results. This new generation of facial smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles to reawaken tired, dull skin, and delivers anti-ageing benefits.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Benefits of Elemis Biotec Facial (Line Eraser)

Lift and Firm
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Brighten the Skin
Even Out Complexion

First Time: What you can expect



  • 15-minute consultation with our beauticians  
  • 60 minutes of Elemis Biotec Facial



1x per 3 weeks

Focus Areas:


Face and Neck

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Elemis Biotec Facial FAQ

What Are the Steps of an Elemis Biotec Line Erasier?

Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned to prepare it for the skin-renewing properties of the selected potent serum or facial activator. The treatment begins with a low intensity microcurrent, which stimulates and strengthens muscle memory to lift and firm up skin. L.E.D light therapy and oxygen infusion technologies then help plump up and smooth away visible fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking refreshed, radiant, and healthy.

Who Benefits From an Elemis Biotec Line Erasier?

Anyone who is looking to slow down time in a relaxing and non-invasive way. Elemis Biotec Facial works on reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, increasing circulation, exfoliating the skin and achieving energized, radiant skin. 

Is there any downtime or pain when doing an Elemis Biotec Line Erasier?

Our Elemis Biotec facial combines the best part of a facial (massage, hands-on technique, awesome products) with a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. This translates to zero downtime—making it the perfect option before a big day or when you feel your skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up

What type of skin type is Elemis Biotec Line Erasier good for?

Everyone can benefit from an Elemis Biotec treatment, but we highly recommend it for mature skin with signs of aging. 

Client Testimonials

It's really wonderful. CRYO has completely surpassed our expectations.


A good mix of all working procedures executed by top notch professionals at good value.