Assisted Stretching

Body stretching assisted by a licensed Physiotherapist to improve your body mobility and flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and help prevent injury. 

Duration: 30 Minutes

Benefits of Assisted Stretching

Improve Range of Motion
Decrease Muscle Soreness
Prevent Injuries
Improve Posture

First Time: What You Can Expect



  • 15-minute consultation with a physiotherapy doctor
  • 30 minutes of °CRYO Stretching (Total 45 minutes)



1x – 7x per week depending on the goal

Focus Are:


Whole Body

Assisted Stretching Case Studies


Pair Your Treatment With

Pair modalities to boost your benefits and take your wellness goals one step further.
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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Compression Therapy

°CRYO Physiotherapy


Assisted Stretching FAQ

Who Needs to Stretch?

Everyone – young professional athletes, seniors who want to stay active, and everybody else in between. Getting stretched is important because it improves your body’s flexibility, enhances your range of motion, reduces your risk of injury, alleviates lower back pain and muscle soreness, increases your spatial awareness, improves your posture, and boosts your overall performance.

You’ll gain more confidence as you exert less effort and experience more ease as you move your body while you climb up the stairs, walk, run, bend down or reach up.

Can Assisted Stretching Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Yes, assisted stretching can alleviate back pain. Our physiotherapist knows how to target your problem areas by positioning, stabilizing, isolating, and manipulating your muscles in a purposeful order.

People who have extremely tight hip flexors and hamstrings will find instant relief as the stretch shifts the pelvis backward instead of forward. A good stretch can remove the pressure on the lower back that’s causing all the pain.

What should I wear to my first appointment?

Wear something comfortable in which you can easily stretch example workout clothes.

What does stretching do to your body?

In general, stretching involves moving or holding parts of the body for the purpose of lengthening the muscles. Depending on the stretching type, you may help your body relax, prepare for exercise, or build strength.

Is it okay to stretch every day?

Not only is it okay to stretch every day, it’s actually recommended. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests stretching at least two to three times per week, and that daily stretching is most effective.

What does treatment involve?

Body stretching is assisted by a licensed Physiotherapist to improve your body mobility and flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and help prevent injury. Prior to stretching for optimal results we use a RecovaPro percussion device for warm-up massage and to stimulate circulation.

Client Testimonials

Amazing range of treatments and great staff. Will definitely come back.


Amazing experience, excellent service.Will Definitely visit soon.


Super friendly stuff, feels like home every time I was there. They know what I like and my routine. Service is above and beyond. Highly recommended to everyone who wants a mood booster along with many health benefits that comes with it.