DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps

DOCTOR BABOR body cellular treatments and products have been developed with powerfully, effective and high-performance formulas that contain natural and effective active ingredients. These formulations help with the reduction of fat deposits and also firm the connective tissues, giving you results you can see and feel. DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps is a  special body treatment promoting reduction of cellulite by supporting and amplifying fat burning and metabolism.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Benefits of DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps

Reducing of Fat Deposits in the Tissue
Firmer and Smoother Skin Appearance
Visibly Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite
Supple, Soft & Intensely Nourished Skin

First Time: What You Can Expect



  • 15-minute consultation with analysis of fat/cellulite 
  • 60 minutes of DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps (Total 75 minutes)



1x per week

Focus Are:



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DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps FAQ

What Happens During a DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps Appointment?

When you first arrive for your DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps you’ll have an indepth consultation with our specialist who will learn more about your medical history, lifestyle and diet. Depending on your concern and general fitness and goals, our trained staff will recommend how many sessions you will need to see good results on. During this time you and the therapist will discuss your treatment plan and how you wish to proceed. 

How Does DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps?

The treatment starts with a thorough energetic dry brushing procedure to ensure better absorption of active ingredients. After that, legs, buttocks and waist are wrapped into wraps impregnated with special active ingredients. The wrap is followed by massage treatment amplifying fat burning with the use of Dr. Babor anti-cellulite lotion.

How quickly will I see results?

The first results are generally visible from the 2 to 3 sessions.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

This will depend on your exact body, lifestyle and diet. On average clients need anywhere between 5-6 sessions to see good results. 

How long will the results last?

Depending on the individual, their lifestyle and diet, the results for body wraps last anywhere from several months to several years. It is advisable to practice 2 or 3 sessions 6 months after the end of treatment to maintain results. 

Who is the ideal candidate for DOCTOR BABOR Fat Burning Cellulite Wraps?

An ideal candidate is someone actively trying to make lifestyle changes with diet and exercise, but need that extra boost to achieve their goals. The treatment is not for clients requiring weight loss but rather for the vast majority of those who struggle with cellulite and are looking for smoother and firmer skin.

Client Testimonials

Really amazing! I wholeheartedly recommend you try °CRYO out from head to toe.


I have done my facial today for my sensitive skin and the service was awesome it shows the instant results