°CRYO Slim Facial

Achieve instant beauty-boosting results with this revolutionary facial treatment. By applying controlled cooling, your skin’s collagen level and blood flow will be stimulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. With visible results achieved in the first session, this treatment is a must-try.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Benefits of °CRYO Slim Facial

Boost Collagen
Tighten Skin
Non-Invasive Face Lift
Reduce Double Chin Effect

First Time: What You Can Expect



  • 60 minutes of Slim Facial



1x per week

Focus Are:


Face and Neck

°CRYO Slim Case Studies:


Before and After

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°CRYO Slim Facial FAQ

How does °CRYO Slim Facial work?

The combination of hot and cold temperatures allow your blood vessels to expand, increasing oxygen flow and helps to stimulate collagen production, which may help the body reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improve the skin’s overall clarity.

What is a °CRYO Slim Facial Like?

The session will last for 45 minutes. You do not need to bring anything to your appointment. Your °CRYO specialist will walk you through the procedure and make sure you are comfortable before proceeding. The °CRYO Wave machine will be used to massage your face until the service is complete.

Is a °CRYO Slim Facial Safe?

Simple answer is Yes! This service is a great alternative to Botox and plastic surgery as it is completely natural, non invasive, pain-free and there is zero downtime. With the alternating cold and hot temperatures, mixed with the massaging technique, many clients report it as being quite relaxing.

Client Testimonials

It's really wonderful. °CRYO has completely surpassed our expectations.