Cryotherapy is a revolutionary procedure that involves subjecting your body to extremely cold temperatures in order to achieve certain medical or therapeutic results. Cryotherapy in the form of our °CRYO Press compression massage is especially developed for the recovery of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

There are many benefits to °CRYO Press some of them include:

Speed up recovery from injuries

°CRYO Press is our special form of cryo massage, which is especially beneficial in treating injuries. This one-of-a-kind physical intervention also speeds up your body’s recovery from wear and tear due to different kinds of exercises. Ice has long been used in treating all types of musculoskeletal injuries. Meanwhile, cold water immersion or whole-body cryotherapy has become known for boosting recovery after exercise.

Our cryo massage can slow down inflammation, tissue damage, and even metabolism. Research has shown that the ultimate effectiveness of cryotherapy in recovery is based on how it reduces muscle temperature, and that timing is crucial: Although cryotherapy can be helpful when done at any time, °CRYO Press cryo massage leads to the best results when performed within the first few hours after exercising or sustaining an injury.

Reduces swelling and water accumulation

Inflammation—or swelling—is one of our body’s primary responses to injury. When we are injured in some way, the damaged part of our body releases chemicals that cause the surrounding blood vessels to dilate.

Cryo massage in the form of °CRYO Press effectively reduces swelling by doing the opposite: the extremely low temperature causes our blood vessels to constrict, thus shrinking the inflammation.

Reduce soreness

It’s normal to feel sore after doing a tough workout or sustaining an injury. This soreness is due to muscle strain, which involves microscopic tears in our muscle fibers. As a result, our body increases the flow of blood to that muscle in order to help repair the damage.

Some of the main benefits of our °CRYO Press cryo massage is reduced perception of pain after injury as well as reduced soreness after exercise.

Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing

Our lymphatic system takes care of disposing of the body’s wastes, which include accumulated toxins, inflammatory fluid, excess water, and others. Cryo massage through °CRYO Press stimulates lymphatic flushing and lactic acid drainage.

°CRYO Press is particularly helpful for athletic recovery since it stimulates the removal of lactic acid and inflammatory fluids, which are normally produced after a workout.

Increase blood flow and circulation

°CRYO Press cryo massage helps enrich your blood with the necessary oxygen, hormones, and healing enzymes that it needs. Cryotherapy initially constricts blood vessels, but right after your cryo massage, those blood vessels will do the opposite: dilate, causing enriched blood to flow back throughout your body. This supports your lymphatic system and aids in healing.

Decrease muscle tension and inflammation

Athletic activities and different physical exercises actively engage your muscles. This can lead to pulled muscles, tears or strains, and so on. Our cryo massage is designed to help your tense and tired muscles recover faster by using your body’s natural mechanism.

Alleviate pain

°CRYO Press cryo massage promotes lactic acid flushing and lymphatic drainage, which decreases pain, inflammation (or swelling), and fluid retention. It’s effective for both chronic and acute pain.

Whenever you experience pain, nerve pulses relay messages to your brain to alert you of the sensation of pain. The extreme cold used in our cryo massage slows down those nerve impulses, dramatically decreasing your sensation of pain.


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Cryotherapy was created in 1978 by Japanese rheumatologist Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi for rheumatoid arthritis patients; yet over the decades, thousands of people have gained a variety of benefits from this therapy, ranging from illness prevention, to improved mood, to more youthful looks.

To learn how °CRYO Press cryo massage or other cryotherapy treatments can help you, simply book a call with our ºCRYO specialist.