Cryotherapy—the process of “supercooling” a person’s body—is often performed to attain specific health objectives. However, it can also lead to a number of great benefits for a person’s appearance, particularly when treatment is focused on the face.

Ten minutes of cryogenically cooled air can benefit you in the following ways:

Activate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the human body. It serves as the main building block of our skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and more, providing them with support and structure. It also forms part of our blood vessels, intestine, and other organs. It even helps in the replacement of dead skin cells, and in keeping our skin elastic, along with other health benefits.

As we age, our bodies create less collagen, and existing collagen is used up more quickly as well. If you’ve started noticing that your skin is becoming wrinkled, sagging, or crepey, or there’s hallowing around your eyes or in different parts of your face, getting a cryo facial can help your body to produce more collagen.

Increase the skin’s capacity to rejuvenate itself

Besides the normal effects of aging on the skin, there are other factors that lead to skin damage. This includes sun exposure, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke, and even exercise.

All of these—whether intentional or not—can lead to skin damage, which result in visible signs of skin aging. Getting a cryo facial will prompt your skin cells to regenerate themselves, leading to a dramatic decrease in your wrinkles, creases, and other signs of skin damage that have accumulated in your body over the years.

Regain your skin’s elasticity

Due to the normal aging process as well as various environmental factors, our skin loses elasticity over time. Aging leads to a decline in the elastic tissue of our skin (called elastin), which causes our skin to gradually hang loosely. Because of gravity, our eyebrows and eyelids will eventually droop. Looseness and fullness also become visible under our cheeks and jaw (commonly referred to as jowls and double chin), and even our earlobes grow longer.

In general, our skin begins losing elasticity in our 30s and 40s. If you’ve already started seeing visible facial movement lines on your face—such as horizontal lines on your forehead, vertical lines above the root of your nose (the area called glabella), or small lines around your temples, upper cheeks, and mouth—a cryo facial can be very helpful in regaining your skin’s elasticity.

Bring out your youthful glow

The extreme temperature used in our cryo facial will tighten your pores and make your blood vessels contract. Once your skin gets back down to its normal temperature, your blood vessels will rapidly dilate, leading to an increase in blood flow and oxygen to your face, giving you instantly glowing and youthful skin.

If your face is looking dull, tired, or swollen, getting a cryo facial is a quick, effective, and noninvasive solution. On top of the immediate results that you’ll see, there is no downtime involved in this procedure, so you can resume your normal activities right after. What’s more, the amazing results from our cryo facial usually last for several weeks.


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Cryotherapy has grown into a popular procedure since its development in 1978. Although it was originally developed by Japanese rheumatologist Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, thousands of people have benefited from cryotherapy in various ways.

If you want to know more about how a cryo facial or other cryotherapy treatments can promote your health and youthfulness, just book a call with our ºCRYO specialist today.