Cryotherapy is known to relieve common health conditions like chronic pain, migraines, osteoarthritis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and even Alzheimer's disease. It also leads to enhanced appearance, such as glowing and more youthful skin, as well as decrease in cases of acne, eczema, and psoriasis, among other skin conditions.

There are many benefits to whole body cryotherapy.


  • Increase in metabolic rate

  • Higher caloric burn

Cryo body treatment will help you drop unwanted pounds without the need for any drugs or stimulants by promoting a higher metabolic rate, which results in a faster burn rate of calories. Cryotherapy prompts your body to work harder to maintain heat, thus making it burn more calories. It also lowers fat deposits through the deactivation of our cold-sensitive fat cells.

Even a session as quick as three minutes was seen to boost people’s metabolism, allowing them to use up anywhere from 400 to a whopping 800 calories. This boost in metabolism usually lasts from about three (3) to five (5) days, and may be extended through regular whole body cryotherapy sessions.


  • Improved REM Sleep

  • Insomnia Relief

Adequate and restful sleep is crucial in everyday life. It not only ensures that we have the energy to perform our daily tasks, but also serves to keep our internal metabolic processes running smoothly.

Whole body cryotherapy is known for enhancing people’s sleep quality. Many people have shared that their sleep issues have gone down or disappeared for good after undergoing even only a couple of sessions of cryo body treatment.


  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Enhanced immune system responsiveness

Our body’s immune system activates inflammation to fight off infections, but this same mechanism is associated with a vast array of diseases. Fortunately, cryo body treatment is known to decrease inflammation, potentially lowering your risk of various illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and many others.

Cryotherapy in itself has many known anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects that bring a multitude of benefits to different parts of the body.


  • Endorphin Release

  • Reduced stress, depression and anxiety

Whole body cryotherapy results in various physiological responses, including the production of endorphins, which instantly elevates our mood. This release of endorphins also stimulates our body’s opiate receptors, thus lowering pain and improving sleep quality. All of these help in reducing the incidence or risk of mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Whenever we feel happy, we also tend to make better lifestyle choices, which ultimately also lead to better overall health.


  • Relief from joint and muscle soreness

  • Chronic pain

If you have a hard time working out due to chronic pain, you’ll be happy to know that cryo body treatment is well known for relieving body aches and pain.

In addition, people who sustained body injuries like wounds or burns often get cryo body treatment to help speed up the healing process and relieve their pain—quite similar to how applying ice helps with such injuries. Whole body cryotherapy likewise triggers the development of blood vessels, called neovascularization.


  • Boosted collagen production

  • Cellular regeneration

Cryo body treatment triggers our skin to rejuvenate itself through the production of collagen. Although our body’s collagen production naturally goes down over the years (particularly from our 30s onwards), cryotherapy stimulates this process. This results in more youthful and elastic skin.

Whole body cryotherapy can help diminish outward signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and so on. It will also help tighten your pores and increase oxygen and blood flow to your skin, giving it an instant glow.


  • Increased performance

  • Decreased recovery time

Whole body cryotherapy promotes better athletic performance among athletes and fitness enthusiasts by promoting the release of toxins and metabolites. This leads to a decrease in muscle soreness, as well as boosts recovery from injuries and other short-term physical conditions.


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