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Solaris Chakra Tea

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Be better Chakra is a carefully crafted range of teas supporting the different Body Chakras.

Brought to life by a fusion of passions: Yoga and Herbal Medicine.

Blended By: Master Tea Blender & Medical Herbalist (BScHons) Jorg Muller

Solaris Tea is a family business based in Ireland specializing in blending internationally award-winning teas and herbal infusions. Solaris ensure that all teas are produced to the highest level of sustainability and quality. The tea is:

● Vegan
● All ingredients mentioned are actually present within the tea bag (you can see them)
● Organically sourced

Tea Options

I Speak:

Flavor: Herbal blend with citrus top notes

Ingredients: Lemon Grass, Hibiscus, and Ginger 


I Know

Flavor: Green tea with subtle spice notes

Ingredients: Green Tea, Cardamom, and Star Anise


I am

Flavor: Soothing Oriental Spice Blend

Ingredients: Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cacao Peel


I See

Flavor:  Refreshing yet Soothing Herbal blend

Ingredients: Peppermint, Nettle, and Fennel


I Feel

Flavor: Herbal blend with vanilla & cacao notes

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cacao Peel, Bourbon Vanilla



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I Speak, I Know, I Am, I See, I Feel