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The NAQI® Gels are hydrogels with 5% essential oils that have been created for different therapy treatments. Carefully selected essential oils from the active ingredients in NAQI® Gels. These hydrogels are ideal complements to the work of the practitioner.

Gel Options

  • Arnica: gel for sprains, injuries, and bruises. Relieves rheumatic pain
  • Inflam Gel: reduces inflammation and pain, keeps joints supple
  • Plus Gel: stimulates circulation, reduces stiff muscles
  • Lymphe Gel: stimulates venous circulation, prevents water retention, lightens heavy legs
  • Cool Gel: heels bruises, sprain and swelling, muscle cramps, relives joint pain by cooling sensation
  • Body Screen Gel: relief from chafing, redness, and blisters, saddle soreness, irritation caused by skin on skin contact
  • Recovery Gel: reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, and quicker recovery after intense workouts

No delivery available. All items to be picked up at any °CRYO UAE centers.

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Arnica, Inflam, Plus, Lymphe, Cool, Body Screen, Recovery