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DOCTOR BABOR Hyaluron Infusion

AED 399.00

A moisture boost for dehydrated skin showing the first signs of dryness lines. This power-packed active concentrate is a moisture specialist that supplies the skin with intensive moisture – with an instant, long-lasting effect. BABOR’s concentrated infusion deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it supple and brimming with essential moisture for longer.

Perfect for dehydrated skin that has dryness lines, the active formula promotes a smoother-looking surface that’s more radiant than before. Blended with HY-3 Peptides and triple-action Hyaluronic Acid, the infusion locks hydration into skin and reduces the risk of transepidermal water loss. Working to maintain an optimal level of moisture, skin will seem healthier and boast a more natural rosy glow.


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AED 299