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Frosty and ready to get rid of your sore muscles, tendons, joints you might have. The °CRYO Sphere is ideal for all your recovery needs. Use it in the handle for a relieving massage or take it out and roll it around to get deep into those sore muscles.

The °CRYO Sphere is fitted with 3.4 ounces of cooling gel and combines the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage for a quick recovery from muscle pains.

The massage roller ball delivers the benefits of foam rolling and icing for a great muscle-relaxing therapy.

The friction-free, smooth-rolling ball glides comfortably over the skin. It reduces inflammation and enhances recovery while the insulating gel maintains the ball’s temperature so that it won’t get too cold.

The non-toxic gel in the rolling sphere can stay cold for about six hours after 2 hours in the freezer.


Aid in post workout recovery, reduces inflammation, can stay cold for about six hour

No delivery available. All items to be picked up at any °CRYO UAE centers.

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AED 199