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Boost Oxygen Can

AED 89.00

DID YOU KNOW: The Air we Breathe only has 21% Oxygen
Boost Oxygen provides easy and immediate access to supplemental oxygen that is 95% pure for an all natural respiratory support. (No prescription is needed.)
Used by:
  • Athletes for recovery and performance
  • Older adults suffering from shortness of breath
  • People at high-altitudes for altitude acclimation
  • Combat poor air quality, stress and fatigue 
  • Sharpen mental clarity, recover from headaches

Flavor Options Available:

Natural – No fragrance, pure flavorless and odourless

Peppermint- healing muscle soreness and headaches

Pink Grapefruit- Appetite suppression and muscle relaxer

Menthol Eucalyptus – Reduces tensions and best for hangovers

Think Tank – mental sharpness and focus


No delivery available | Items must be picked up from any °CRYO UAE Center

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AED 89 for 5 litres, AED 159 for 10 litres