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Add-On Services

AED 190.00

For some added pampering and repair customize your session at each visit with a variety of corrective and luxurious add-on options for you to choose from.


15 minutes additional to treatment time


Add-On Service Options

°CRYO HydraFacial Perk Lips

This innovative treatment gently stimulates and moisturizes your lips for glamourous plumpness and hydration that lasts for days. Plus you get to take home the rest of your Lip Revitalizing Serum. Apply it on your lips anytime they need a boost of moisture.

°CRYO HydraFacial Perk Eyes

Refreshing way to hydrate, awaken and brighten the delicate area around your eyes, reducing wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and under eye bags. Plus you get to take home the rest of your You take home the Eye Replenishing serum to enhance & extend the treatment benefits at home.

°CRYO Skin Analysis Consultation

Skin analysis with BABOR Derma Visualizer (80x zoom skin camera) and consultation with Beauty Therapist certified by CIDESCO/ CIBTAC. Within the consultation the skin analyzer highlights several issues such as wrinkles, sebum, pores, pigmentation, and skin moisture. Based on the results you will receive a customized, expert-recommended °CRYO beauty treatment that is right for your skin.

°CRYO HydraFacial Serum Booster

Personalize and enhance your °CRYO HydraFacial experience with super serum booster carefully selected for you based on your facial skin concerns. Serum is plumped in your skin by unique non-invasive Vortex-Fusion® technology. Each booster offers its own solution – reduce wrinkles, brightens, calms, boost collagen, intense hydration, remove toxins, protects your facial skin.

°CRYO Lymphatic Massage for Face

Gentle facial massage with applied pressure suction to detoxify your skin removing toxins and unwanted build-up, reduce tiredness and energize skin revealing healthy glow effect. This specialized massage drains lymphatic fluid to reduce water retention and inflammation.

°CRYO Oxygen Infusion

Pump 95% pure oxygen into your facial skin for a radiant, firm and healthy glow. Oxygen infusion helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, restore visible elasticity, stimulate tissue repair and rebalance your skin.

°CRYO Beauty Light Therapy

You can choose red, blue or purple light therapy as per your skin concerns. Red light energizes your skin enhancing cellular metabolism, accelerates repair, stimulates production of collagen, improving skin texture and tone. Blue light therapy delivers a powerful anti bacterial effect to minimize acne bacteria, inflammation, reduce redness and calm your skin. Purple light for dual anti-aging and anti-bacterial effect.

°CRYO Leg Compression Massage

Compression and decompression technique helps to recover your legs by eliminating toxins, metabolites and lactic acid build-up, stimulates lymphatic drainage, accelerate muscle recovery, relieves pain and boosts blood circulation.

Pain Point Relief

Reduce your inflammation and relieve pain with localized application of low level red light therapy. Non-invasive laser light will release your pain trigger points (knots) and speed up your muscle and bone recovery.

RecovaPro Massage 

Enjoy a quick 10-minute percussion massage that helps to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, stimulates blood and lymph circulation,
and warms up the muscles and tissues to improve the range of motion.

°CRYO Stretch 

Body stretching assisted by a licensed Physiotherapist to improve your body mobility and flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and help prevent injury. Prior to stretching for optimal results we use RecovaPro percussion device for warm up massage and stimulate circulation.


Valid in °CRYO Dubai (Emirates Towers Dubai), °CRYO Al Ain (The Elixir Clinic in Al Ain) and °CRYO Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Country Club) only.

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°CRYO HydraFacial Perk Lips AED 190, °CRYO HydraFacial Perk Eyes- AED 190, °CRYO Skin Analysis Consultation – AED 190, °CRYO HydraFacial Serum Booster – AED 190, °CRYO Lymphatic Massage for Face- AED 99, °CRYO Oxygen Infusion- AED 99, °CRYO Beauty Light Therapy- AED 99, °CRYO Leg Compression Massage- AED 99, Pain Point Relief – AED 190, RecovaPro Massage – AED 99, °CRYO Stretching – AED 190