Cryotherapy, cryogenic therapy, freeze therapy, cold sauna - these are just a few of the words used to describe the popular wellness treatment that exposes the body to subzero temperatures. First used by the Ancient Egyptians to treat injuries, cryotherapy is now renowned for its body-enhancing benefits. Most namely, the treatment has been proven to enhance beauty and anti aging regimes, improve athletic performance and recovery, and aid weight loss, amongst many other benefits. All this is what has made it so popular in the 21st century - particularly among celebrities, elite athletes and busy professionals. 

Research has found exposing the body to extreme temperatures induces a sharp spike in blood circulation, which sends a rush of nutrients and hormones to every part of the body. This is what kicks your body into its heightened healing and performing state.

In terms of beauty treatment, this helps to increase collagen production which tightens the skin and leaves the complexion looking radiant and youthful, in a wholly natural way. A cryotherapy facial has many benefits, including helping to reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also enhances the body’s ability to send vital nutrients around its system, which results in a more radiant appearance.

If weight loss is your goal, cryotherapy treatments cause your body’s metabolism to receive a boost. This speeds up the effects of everything else you’re already doing to reach your dream weight. For example, being able to exercise harder and more frequently.


Cryotherapy for beauty can help maintain a youthful appearance while reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. All with only a few minutes of treatment per week. By exposing the skin to subzero temperatures, the body’s natural healing process jumps into action, ready to rejuvenate your skin as a result.

The rush of blood gives the body all the nutrients it needs to perform and heal itself in a rapid fashion. Hormones such as endorphins and adrenaline allow you to stay focused on your goal. All of this means you can push yourself even harder and recover quicker to resume training sooner. Cryotherapy’s ability to boost fitness is precisely why the treatment’s a staple addition in the training regimes of many professional athletes and sports teams.

The benefits of cryotherapy aren’t limited to beauty and sports performance either. Subzero conditions have been proven to help ease symptoms of chronic illnesses such as backache, arthritis and fibromyalgia. In particular, there have been many studies that have found cryotherapy to be an effective arthritis treatment, helping to ease overall pain and make your life easier.

From enhancing beauty to improving sports performance and easing chronic pain, it’s clear that cryotherapy is an effective, holistic treatment. And all it takes is a few minutes in the °CRYO Chamber for your body to start experiencing these full body benefits.



Croytherapy can minimise the effects of acne scars through non-invasive application to encourage new skin growth. 


Eliminate blemishes and rejuvenate blood circulation towards the skin within minutes.


Through large pore targeting, cryotherapy can reduce the effects large pores and the minimise the possibility of on-going blackheads.


Non-invasive application to sun-spots can provide a youthful appearance through the thawing of skin cells.


Cryotherapy can significantly minimise the effects of Acne breakouts across the body through cold treatment.


Localised cryo, or a °CRYO Facial can be used to rejuvenate collagen production to leave a fresh and healthy skin glow.


Tone down the severeness and appearance of pimples with natural cryotherapy treatment.


No body works the same way. From your needs and goals to how far you can push your bodies, it’s important that you also choose the cryotherapy treatment that’s best for you. That way, you can make sure you get the lasting results that you want.


There are various cryotherapy treatments and packages you can choose from. Whether you want a full body session or something a little more localized for a particular injury or body part, there’ll be a treatment perfect for your needs. And if you’re not sure what you need, one of our experts can help advise you.

My orthopaedic doctor recommended cryotherapy as I suffer from Achilles tendonitis and need to work out regularly. I found that °CRYO combined with physiotherapy helped me perform at my peak.

Tomasso, Triathlete

After my pregnancy, I struggled to lose weight I had put on. I worked out regularly and ate well, but needed an extra push to see a difference. The °CRYO Body treatment helped me get back into shape.

Sara, Mother

As I was suffering from Knee Pain, I tried cryotherapy and felt a huge difference. By the 10th session, I was completely recovered.

Joseph, Sales Consultant

I hit the gym and do a °CRYO session after, everyday 5 times a week. The results have never been better. I am able to recover faster, and I feel the boost in energy through the day. I recommend °CRYO to all my clients.

Mike, Fitness Coach

*Results may vary based on the individual.


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+ begin your ºCRYO journey